The Collection

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The premier Iteratti™ collection is now available, offering limited edition, one-of-a-kind furs: stoles and wraps, jackets, and full-length coats. Iteratti garments are primarily derived from mink, sheared and un-sheared beaver and muskrat, Persian lamb, or raccoon. Iteratti garments do not contain any pelts from species that are currently endangered or banned in the United States. All pieces are authentically vintage and at least 20 years old.

This online portfolio features many current Iteratti designs available. However if you’re interested in a specific piece not seen here or would like a distinct garment sourced, please contact us at



There is the countryside - and then there is Bath. This lovely has topped the chicest wools and the most polished Harris Tweeds. She looks great every where and so will you. Where will you take her?


She has always been a head-turner…and she has never cared. Well, at least she has never let anyone know that she cared. But she hasn’t seen any real action in awhile – and she is ready. Where will you take her?


Opening night? Red carpet? How much can one girl do? For this girl there is never too much…too often…too spontaneous. She is always ready for the next big thing. Where will you take her?


This beautiful little stole just seems to be begging to go out! Over the simplest little top and jeans – she will look simply stunning – and so will you!


We picture this one wrapped around a successful young New Yorker in those days when women were supposed to wait for a man to buy them something this lovely…



New York debutante to fashion house diva. Does this devil wear Prada? She'll never tell - but she is ready for the next adventure - where will you take her?


We can just see this one on a New York socialite – waiting to meet her Mad Man in a quiet little bar on 5th avenue. Where will you take her?


Sultry and sophisticated – she has a history but she’s not telling… Now, she just seems to be begging “pick me, pick me” and ready for adventure. She’s ready to get in the game – where will you take her?


This Michigan gem seems to be holding something back…Was she a gift from a captain of industry who had other “obligations”... was she seen posing with a “big block” as it came off the line? She’ll never tell. She is as stunning as they come, and is ready for more. Where will you take her?


Baby it's cold outside, or it's not. It doesn't matter - this stunner will look great in just about any weather - at any event - anytime, any place. Where will you take her?


There are girls who never seem to worry. They know they will always get the job - always win the award, always look good getting there. She is that girl. Where will you take her?


She's a smart one - ahead of her time and truly stunning. An historic girl with Baltimore roots - she's ready for anything. Where will you take her?


She's always been the girl who gets it right. The right answer to the hardest question, the right look for the vaguest invitation. She has Boston roots and worldly wings - Where will you take her?



So many things get better with time. She is no exception. Her styling is timeless, her beauty unmarred. She is the one we look at and whisper “will she ever grow old?” She smiles coyly and says “not if I can help it…” Where will you take her?

Persian lamb/Mink

A woman of substance. A style that is two parts sophisticate, one part practical and buttoned down. A smart, well mannered lady... Well, at least she is well mannered until she realizes how many admirers she has while wearing this beauty…

Feathered mink

Originally styled in one of Greece’s most fashionable shops, in the most fashionable district… Somehow she made her way here, and now, this chic and sassy girl is ready to get out and see the world… where will you take her?


Born and bred in California, she has that West Coast way about her. She’s on the red carpet one night – relaxing around the firepit in the hills the next. She’s ready for whatever life brings – where will you take her?


Like a great Bordeaux – she will only get better with time. Her style is timeless, and she floats from era to era unaffected. She seems to have learned long ago how to keep time at bay and always look stunning.


Saturday night date? Coffee with the girls? Dinner with her boss? It doesn't matter, this glamourpuss always pulls it together. She is an elegant wrapping of warmth in a cold cold world. Where will you take her?


Always ahead of her time – a Boston girl with an air of sophistication and all the right moves – but now – she longs for more excitement, less demure - and a chance to see the world where will you take her?


Feathered mink

There are ladies - and then there are English ladies. Those that seem to know all the rules without being told. Those who never have to ask what to wear. Stunning -- wherever, whenever. Now, she is ready for a bit more fun, a few less rules. Where will you take her?

Cross mink

This girl is a star no matter where she goes. Is there a glass ceiling to break?  A role to reverse, a title to tame? No problem --  she’s got it covered.   She is smart enough to know you don't have to  look tough to be tough. Where will you take her?


A co-ed with her eyes on the future - she loved going to the game, but loved going to class even more. Those Cambridge winters were cold - but she was always ready. Now - she'd rather head for the slopes than class - Where will you take her?

Mink/Brushed mink

She shines from across the room. She turns heads without trying. She didn't mean to be this beautiful, she just is. Give her the chance to keep showing off, and take her with you.

Swakara Karakul lamb/Cross mink

There was a day when Cleveland was glamorous, and she saw it. But luckily, she got out, and now, this unbelievable and rare girl is ready for action. She is both timeless and utterly of the moment – too pretty for a closet or a rack – where will you take her?

Sheared beaver/Mink

She seems to impart a glow on all who see her. Wrap yourself in her warmth and style, and her spell takes you in further. She is a special one and longs to be out and about. Where will you take her?